2. Safety

Flying, controlling and programming drones are very dangerous activities. You need to respect the work you are doing and that you may get yourself and others around injured or destroy or damage properties. You need to take full responsibility when you endeavor to manipulate a drone. Here are some non-exhaustive tips for ensuring safety and controlling the environment around you. Here are some more safety resources for you to read.

2.1. Personal protective equipment

  • Make sure you wear googles to protect your eyes.

  • Long pants and long-sleeved shirts will protect your body extremities.

  • Tennis shoes will protect your feet.

2.2. Environment

  • Make sure people around you are aware of your drone’s flight and stay away as far as possible. The Tello’s flight range is 100 m or 328 feet, and this is the range of situational control you must have.

  • Make sure you fly within the constraints of your drone (some drones are meant for flying indoors only). The Tello is meant for indoor flying, but outdoor flying is only recommended if there is little to no wind.

  • Contact your local airport for rules and regulations on flying drones. Do not fly into or over areas that are dangerous or protected.

  • Do not manipulate a drone under the influence.