3. Drone Parts


3.1. Props

The propellers or props are used to create roll, pitch and yaw. Note that there are 2 types of props, clockwise CW and counter-clockwise CCW. The CCW props have notches while the CW props do not. On every Tello, you should have 2 CW and 2 CCW props, and they should be placed diagonal from each other. With the Tello laying down and the battery facing towards your body and the camera facing away, the top-left and bottom-right props should be CCW props, and the top-right and bottom-left props should be CW props.


3.2. Motor

The motors are responsible for moving the props.


3.3. Landing gears

Landing gears help the drone land safely.


3.4. Body

The body holds the main control board and communicates signals.


3.5. Electronic speed controller

The electronic speed controllers, ESCs, are responsible for modulating signals to the motors from the main control board.


3.6. Receiver

There is a receiver that listens in for incoming signals.

3.7. Antenna

The antenna captures remote signals.

3.8. Battery

The battery powers the drone. The specification of the Tello battery is as follows.

  • Lithium Ion (Battery Type)

  • 4.35 V (Max Charge Voltage)

  • 3.8 V (Nominal Voltage)

  • 1100 mAh, 4.18 Wh (Rated Capacity)


3.9. Camera

The camera is used to capture images or videos.


3.10. Sensors

Some drones may have additional sensors (light, GPS, ultrasound, etc.). The Tello does not have such additional sensors, apart from the camera.